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NATO-øvelsen - takkebrev fra den tyske brigaden

tankt som kjører på vei

​foto: Forsvaret.no

Engerdal kommune v/rådmannen har mottatt takkebrev fra Brigadier Ullrich Sannuth, Tyskland som er veldig fornøyd med mottakelsen i Engerdal.​

​Her er det han skriver (på engelsk):


Dear Mr. Trangsrud:

Some days ago, the Exercise Trident Juncture 2018 (TRJE18) finished. Currently my troops are on their way back home. TRJE 18 was an outstanding opportunity to prepare NATOs Very High Readiness Task Force (Land) 2019 (VJTF) for the upcoming task, namely to stand by to react on very short notice to any crisis whenever NATO calls upon us.


On the one hand, training i Norway has been quite challenging due to the unfamiliar terrain, severe weather and with regards to TRJE18 itself, due to the sheer magnitude of this exercise.  On the other hand, training in Norway has bees quite easy due to the kind reception, omnipresent hospitality and great support we received all over Norway and for us especially in your community in Engerdal kommune.


My soldiers and me know that we have put a huge burden on your shoulders - coping whit all the burden such a huge exercise brings along for the people, living in the Exercise Area. Hence, I'm personally grateful for the support of your municipality, your people, our Norwegian friends. On the upside, an increase in expertise, deeper multinational relations and reassurance in the capabillities of our great alliance is what we gained and your great support was crucial to this achivement and cannot be overestimated. Hence, you and the people of Engerdal kommune have contributed significantly to our common effort, having a highly capable, credible and coherent force available next year to protect peace and freedom wherever it might be required.


Therefore, I would like to express my deepest feelings of graditude for the support and patience of the people of Engerdal kommune. I truly admire your positive attitude and effort to support exercise TRJE18. We could not have made it without you.

Personally I spend more than three days in Engerdal and I was very imported by the hospitality and the friendship og the people!

Thank you very much.


Ullrich Spannuth, Brigadier General


Sist oppdatert: 23.11.2018 10:46:02