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Facts about Engerdal

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municipality of Engerdal was formed in 1911 from parts of Trysil, Rendalen, Tolga and Røros kommunes.
Spread over an area of 2195 sq.kms., Engerdal is situated in the province of Hedmark and borders Sweden and the EU on the East and the Norwegian kommunes of Trysil, Røros, Os, Tolga and Rendalen towards North, South and West. With a population of 1450 and a population density of 1.4 sq. kms per person, every Enderdoler are spoilt with space and enjoy lots of elbow-room. Drevsjø and Engerdal are the two most populated hamlets.
Norway's southernmost population of the Sami people reside in Engerdal and still practice reindeer herding so be prepared to come across the occasional herd of wild reindeer grazing by the roadside.
Engerdal is highland country and punctuated by pristine glacial lakes, numerous rivers and virgin forests. Just 1% of the land area is inhabited – a third of Engerdal consists of productive woods; the rest is hills, mountains and woodland. Femundsmarka and Gutulia, two historically significant National Parks are situated in Engerdal. Norway's third largest lake, Femund, streches across Engerdal and a cruise along the length of the lake aboard the cruise boat,Femund II, is an absolute must-do.
Engerdal has always been historically significant because of its rich and varied wildlife and its strategic location on the old Copper road to Røros. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping were the foundation for the first permanent settlements in Engerdal. These were established in the 16tth century and two furnaces were set up at Femundshytten – these were later moved to Drevsjø. We still have two permanent settlements without road-connections in Femundsmarka - Haugen on the eastern side of Femund and Sylen just at the border with Sweden. Recently evidence has been found of early stone-age settlements.
Engerdal is the one-stop Nature experience. You can trek along charted mountain trails and forget time and space in the enormity of Nature. Unwind by picking wild berries in the hills or partake in the drama and ferocity of the wild along the rivers. The four great Norwegian predators – bear, wolf, lynx and carajou – are to be found in our forests along with the King of Norway's wildlife – the elk and several other wild animals. The mountain trails also offer a fantastic oppurtunity for avid birders.
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